Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hy-Ve - June 22-28

Below are the best items I see for the week. My goal here is to get you the best price possible! I compare prices to Aldi because I believe if you can beat or come close to the Aldi price you are getting a GREAT DEAL! That being said I don't post everything in the ad, just the stuff that is a good deal.

2-Day Sale! (Thursday and Friday)

Hy-Vee fresh chicken leg quarters - $.49/lb.

Prego Italian Sauce - $.99, limit 2

Hormel Little Sizzlers- $.99, limit 2

Kellogg's Cereal - $1.48

Chinese One Entree Meal - $3.99

Hy-Vee Natural Blocks of Cheese (16 oz. ) -$2.99
Beats Aldi price of $1.99 for 8 oz.

Grapes - $.99/lb.

Hy-Vee party pail of ice cream - $3.99

Hy-Vee cottage bread - $.99/loaf

Michelina's Gourmet Entrees - $.49
, limit 6
Use $1/5 printable and pay only $.29

Regular Weekly Deals:

Hy-Vee brand mac and cheese - $.33
Aldi price is $.29 for their brand

Doritos, Cheetos and Fritos - $1.99
Good price for the brand

Hy-Vee select pastas (2lb.) - $1.68
Beats Aldi brand price of $.99 for 1lb.

Hy-Vee Peanut Butter - $1.28
Not sure of Aldi price, but I think this is pretty close

Coke 12 Packs - $2.50/1 with in-ad coupon (4/$10)

Driscoll's Strawberries (2lb.) - $2.88

Gala Apples - $.99/lb.

Cucumbers - $.50

Green Peppers - $.50

Hy-Vee Shredded Cheese (12 oz.) - $2.50
Same as or beats Aldi price depending on the kind

Hy-Vee 1lb. butter quarters - $2.48
Beats Aldi price of $2.69

Tony's Pizzas - $2.00

Monterey Whole White Mushrooms (8oz.) - $1.00

Grimmway Farm Baby Carrots (16 oz. ) -$1.00
Same as Aldi price

Dole classic salad or slaw - $1.00
Same as Aldi price

Frito Lay Ruffles or Sunchips - $1.98
Great price for the brand

Dr.Pepper or Crush products - 4/$5
Get one free with in-ad coupon so only $1/1!

See all other good coupon- match up items over here at KansasCityMamas! The best deals to me are these - Don't FORGET Topeka's more than double coupon Tuesdays when looking at these deals!!!

Farmland Hotdogs - as low as $.18 after coupon!

Wacky Mac Pasta - as low as $.98

Please post any other great deals you see in the comment section!

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blaireruch said...

red bell pepper .77

DELI: Willowbrook deluxe or smoked thin sliced turkey bready $2.99/lb.

Oscar Mayer shaved ham or turkey lunch meat 16 oz. $2.68

Dr. Pepper - look for $1/3 mf peelies. I don't think they have the Dr. Pepper "10" yet, so you can get a regular Dr. Pepper free.

The pretzel bread from the bakery is $1.59 and it is AMAZING!!! just had some with lunch!