Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hy-Vee 1/19-1/25

WHOOPS! Ignore the original link for the 2-day sale I had here... I meant to direct you the 12-HOUR sale tomorrow!

Below are the best items I see for the week. My goal here is to get you the best price possible! I compare prices to Aldi because I believe if you can beat or come close to the Aldi price you are getting a GREAT DEAL! That being said I don't post everything in the ad, just the stuff that is a good deal.

Note: Hy-Vee does still DOUBLEs coupons on Tuesday in Topeka!

Blue Bonnet Spread (1lb. sticks) - $.49

Beats Aldi off brand price for margarine

Campbell's Chunky Soup - $.99
Use $.50/2 from 1/2 SS insert
Final Price - $.74/1 or only $.49 on Tuesday in Topeka!

Hormel whole boneless pork loin - $1.98/lb.

Hy-Vee Pasta - $.77
Beats Aldi off brand price of $.99

Hy-Vee brand cereal - $1.67/1 (selected varieties)
Same as Aldi brand price

Hy-Vee brand taco seasoning or gravy packets - $.44

Hy-Vee brand chili or kidney beans - $.67
Aldi price is $.55 or less

Hy-Vee 100% Natural Whole Chicken - $.88/lb.

Farmland Sliced Bacon - $2.99
Use $1/1 coupons from Farmland Mailer (sign up on website if you don't have it)
Final Price - $1.99

Chinese Express 2-entree meal - $5.00

Sargento Deli Style Cheese - $2.77
Use $.50/1 from 1/2 SS insert
Final Price - $2.27 or only $1.77 in Topeka on Tuesday! (great deal)

Hy-Vee canned Chili with beans - $.99

Post Cereal (select varieties) - $2.00
Use $1/2 from 1/9 SS insert
Final Price - $1.50

Hy-Vee thin sliced lunch meat tubs (7-9 oz) - $2.50

Texas Rio Star or Juice Oranges (18lb. bag) - $6.99

California Clementines (5lb. box) - $4.99

Texas Rio Star Grapefruit - $.33/1

Dole Premium Classic Salads - $1.50

Red Ripe Roma Tomatoes - $.99/lb.

Grimmway Farm Baby Carrots - $.99 (1lb. package)
Same as Aldi price

Zeal Naval Oranges - $.44/lb.

If you would like to see deals at other grocery stores be sure to visit the BeCentsAble Grocery Gathering here!

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