Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cellfire $1 off ANYTHING Promotion!

I just received this email from Cellfire announcing a very cool promotion!

Starting today, you can go to Cellfire, save 10 coupons and automatically be awarded a $1 off anything at Kroger (or any of their other banner stores we support). The $1 will appear in their account on Tuesday, November 16 when the promotion is over. To be eligible, coupon clippers must be a fully registered member. We’ll also be giving away a turkey for Thanksgiving (up to $25 coupon at Kroger stores) to five lucky winners who participate in clipping 10 coupons through Monday!

This promotion is running through Monday, November 15!


tillie927 said...


I have no idea how many people use Cellfire, but I noticed only the first 10,000 will receive the coupon.

Maria said...

i don't have 10 new coupons available to load. anyone else have this problem? i sent an email and will let you know what they tell me.

Shannon said...

I do have that problem too because I loaded them all last week when it was a new cycle not knowing they were going to do this promo. I emailed them too so I guess we will see what they say.

Let me know if they tell you anything as well. Hopefully next time they run a promo like this they will do it during a new coupon week.

Shannon said...

Here is what I found out:

Anyone who loaded more than 10 coupons last week (starting November 2) will automatically be eligible to receive the $1 off.

Whohoo! So if you loaded more than 10 last week rest assured you will get the $1 off coupon!