Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stomach Bug...

Have you gotten the stomach bug yet? I hope not! I have been sick these past few days and we are trying to prepare for a family wedding we have this coming weekend.

At this point my chances of even looking at a weekly ad are slim...

Sorry! I hope you all stay healthy!


blaireruch said...

sorry you're sick!
i got it last night.
no fun!
get well soon!

blaireruch said...

Here are some of the best deals I got yesterday:


*ground beef roll 3 lb. $5.97
*Tombstone pizza 4/$10 plus free bag of Nestle candy worth $2.49 (in-ad cpn on page 1)
*Jolly Time popcorn $1. Use .50 mf to get it for .50. Free on Tuesday?


Thurs.-Sat. sale:
gallon of chocolate milk $1.99
Pepsi 2 liter .88
Edy's ice cream $1.99 (they have seasonal flavors!! Pumpkin and Peppermint, etc.)

Regular sale:
gallon of milk 2/$5
Silk soymilk 2/$5
Yoplait yogurt 10/$5
Use .40/6 mf to get these for .36 each. Also, there is a .40 eCpn that came off automatically.
Dannon yogurt 4 pack $1.79. Use .50 mf to get this for .79.

Ball Park hot dogs $1
Oscar Mayer lunchmeat 2/$5. Use $1/2 mf to get these for $2 each.
Kroger tortilla chips $1