Friday, August 13, 2010

More Dillons Deals!

Here are a few more deals that are apart of the buy 8 get $4 off your total promo!
Thanks Blaire!

GM Cereal:

Trix and Cocoa Puffs - $1.49 (after buy 8 promo)
- $.55/1 printable here (there is one for each)
Final Price - $.48

Cheerios yellow box -$1.49 (after buy 8 promo)
Use $.75/1 from Pamper's mailer
Use $.55 e-coupon
Final Price - $.07 money maker!

Pillsbury Sweet Moments - $1.99
Use $1/1 printable or from 8/8 GM insert
Use $1/1 e-coupon
Final Price - FREE!

Old El Paso - look for peelies for buy 2 items, get free seasoning.

See the rest of the deals for this week here! I have added these items to the list + a few other freebies!


Julie said...

I am wondering if anyone else is having problems with the Dillons e-coupons coming off? I went to the store today and here is one example: I purchased 6 Toaster Strudels. I had loaded (2) $.50/2 Dillons e-coupons, (1) $.50/2 Shortcuts and (1) $.50/2 Cellfire. I also had paper coupons for all 6. They took off the paper coupons and the Shortcuts and Cellfire, but no Dillons. I looked on their website and it says that only one coupon per item will be honored. If they are keeping track then this is true. It may help to know that I let them ring up everything, then take off coupons, then I swiped my Dillons card.

Shannon said...

The Dillons e-coupons are actually linked up with shortcuts and cellfire too. So it is possible that you loaded a shortcuts coupon from their site thinking it was from Dillons. Does that make sense?

Julie said...

Ok, Shannon, but I was expecting to get another $10 off my bill. And on top of that, the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks didn't take off the additional Buy 8 get $4 off deal. I bought 48 participating items and it only took off 5 $4.00 Mega Events because of it. It is so disappointing to go in thinking I was only spending $30ish dollars and come out spending $52.

Shannon said...

I think the betty crocker fruit snacks that were apart of the catalina deal were not apart of the buy 8 deal. So that could be why depending on which fruit snacks you were trying to by.

I totally understand your disappointment. Remember you can take things back to. I have had to do this numerous times because my coupons didn't work out like I thought.

Stephanie Bruce said...

Okay on the fruit snacks the ROllups, Gushers and Fruit by the foot are included in the catalina and in the buy 8 get 4. Regular BC fruit snacks like spiderman, spongebob and scooby are NOT included in the promotion for buy 8 get 4, but are included in the Catalina

Chex mix bars Included in the Buy 8 get 4 deal but not part of the catalina for general mills bars

Nutclusters, NV tHins, and all other variations of NV granola bars INCLUDING the large variety pack which is like 5 bucks is included.

Cesar Dog treats is part of the buy 8 get 4 deal making them only .49 each after coupons.

Cereals the only ones included were the trix, cocoa puffs, cheerios

The ad shows cinnamon toast crunch being included but it didnt work for me. Still scanning at 3 bucks a box.

Tostitos Items (salsa, chips, and fritos) are included in the buy 8 get 4. I know there are a variety of gas station coupons for buy 2 bags of chips get salsa free etc. Some are buy 2 dips get a free bag of chips.

Kroger buns are .88 with the loadable coupon came up to .68 each

Kroger brand chips on sale for $1 a bag so .80 for all the off brand bags.

Dillons ecoupons are being tricky. The new Sweet and salty chex mix isnt triggering the .50/1 on cellfire, shortcuts of dillons for some reason. Any other kind worked fine. We had several kinds and I did like 30 transactions so trust me lol.

If you can do transactions of 8 you have a better chance of scoring 10 boxtops for each transaction. I ended up with a total of $34 in boxtops codes. Not including all the boxtop products.

watch out for stuff there is a big promotion poster for most dillons on the entry and it includes a list of all the items included. the poster has a pic of TONS of products but a handful of them didnt have tags and didnt register as being on sale