Friday, June 25, 2010

Dillons: FREE Scrubbing Bubbles!

There are 2 coupons out there that will get you FREE Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel and the 2-1 brush starter kit or refil. The coupon states: Buy 1 Scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel and get the 2-1 brush starter kit or refil FREE! Here is how to get these both FREE + possible overage at Dillons:

Print BOGO coupon HERE (I found it on page 12)
Load BOGO e-coupon HERE (Dillons e-coupon site)

When you buy both the toilet cleaning gel and the 2-1 starter pack or refil you can use the paper BOGO coupon and the e-coupon comes off your card as well! This should make both the toilet cleaning gel and starter kit/refil FREE + possible overage after coupons!


Wyatt said...

Shannon, have you figured out what e-coupons the Dillons site tracks? It seems to me that there are Dillons-only e-coupons there, but it also tracks cellfire and/or shortcuts too. Any truth to that?

Tasha said...

I got this free with enough overage to pay for most of my gallon Roberts milk and two loaves of bread (clearanced to $0.30/each) I only had to pay $1.93!

Shannon said...

Wyatt- it does track cellfire and shortcuts also...

Tasha... great job!