Monday, May 10, 2010

Dillons: Another Cover Girl Deal!

I had completely forgotten about the B1G1 Cover Girl coupons until I came across them in my coupon box the other day. I have no idea which insert they came out of. I do know they do not expire until 5/31. Here is how I put them to good use at Dillons this week:

Bought 2 CG Aqua Smoothers= at $6.37=$12.74
Bought 1 CG powder foundation = $6.34
Bought 1 CG Advanced radiance powder=$5.84


-$4 off my total for buying 4 participating P&G items
-$4/$20 beauty purchase Dillons coupon (came in my mailbox last week)
-$2.50/2 CG coupon from 5/2 P&G
-B1G1 CG coupon=-$6.37
-B1G1 CG coupon = -$6.34

New total= FREE + $1 overage!

This was such a blessing to me because I was completely out of the particular CG foundation I use! Once again, though, as I utter a small prayer for God to provide something so "trivial" he does:) Just in time too!

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Girlieofgod said...

yes it is amazing what God does, even when it is something small like this.

we live on a very small budget and all our friends are getting those 42 inch flat screen TV's. we couldn't afford it, and i started asking god for some way of us to come up with the money for him to get one. I kid you not, he worked on Christmas Eve at his job and they had a drawing for prizes and he won one!!! And it came with a DVD player and surround sound system! praise God.

its just a TV but those can be $1,000 TV's. now we have one and we didn't have to spend a penny on it.

enjoy your make up!