Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day Freebies!

I never thought to check into Election Day Freebies until a reader alerted me to the Starbucks freebie... thanks! Below is a list of possible freebies. Be sure to check with your local stores to make sure they are offering these!

Get a free sandwich if you turn in your "I voted" sticker

Free small coffee if you tell them you voted

Ben and Jerry's:
Free scoop of ice cream between 5-8p.m.
(bummer there isn't one in Topeka, but all you KC folk should enjoy this!

Krispy Kreme:
Free patriotic doughnut when you show your "I voted" sticker!
(we really need one of these too!)

If you know of any others that are in our regional area please feel free to comment! And please be sure to vote!!!!!!


Marie said...

I love free stuff! Thanks Shan!

blaireruch said...

The Dillons Starbucks at 29th and Urish is participating! Yum! We'll be at Chick 'Fil A for dinner. Do you know if it's just for people who actually voted? Courtlyn and Kiefer git a sticker too. Do you think they can get a free sandwich??? Hee hee!