Tuesday, September 2, 2008

FREE poptarts?

Poptarts and other Keebler goodies are on sale this week at Target 4/$9. When you purchase 4 boxes you get a $5 gift card. There were 1/2 poptart coupons in the August inserts and some have been able to print a .50/1 Target poptarts coupon from afullcup.com. If you have all these coupons you could get FREE poptarts! Here is the breakdown:

Buy 4 boxes of poptarts=$9
Use 2 MF 1/2 coupons=-2
Use 4 Target .50/1 coupons=-2
Total OOP=$5 and you get a $5 giftcard back=FREE!

I believe there is also the potential to get a free children's book along with this sale, but I am unsure of how that works... anybody know?

I hope you all had a great Labor Day!


Blaire said...

The $1/2 coupon is not for the product on sale at Target. The coupon is for a new flavor, which is not on sale at Target.

I put details about the free book offer on the other post (CVS).
I guess you could do this deal multiple times, and you could roll the $5 gift card each time. I think I'll go back now that there are Target coupons! .50 a box is still a very good deal, since these are 12 count boxes. Plus, you can get more free books! Poptarts aren't the healthiest of foods, but we'll eat them!



Shannon said...

Blaire I actually have some MF coupons that are not specific to the new flavors... thanks for the info about the free book offer!

Heather said...

If you want to get a $10 mail in rebate (found with the Kellogs coupons from the beginning of August), you need to do the deal three times in one transaction. I did this today and bought 8 Pop Tarts and 4 Cheez Its. I used the $1/2 man. coupons and the .50/1 Target coupons for the Pop Tarts. I ended up paying about $21, and I received $15 in gift cards, and I will send in for the $10 rebate. Also, I think that in order to get the free children's book, you have to purchase the Pop Tarts that are marked that way. The Pop Tarts I bought say I can get a soccer ball for $6.99....wish I had found the free book ones.

Blaire said...

oh, good for you!
that must have been one of the weeks when my paper was missing some inserts :(
i just have the new flavor one.

jenifer said...
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Shannon said...